Saturday, 23 December 2017

StageOne perform Graham Clarke's Joe Carpenter and Son at St Georges Church

Roger here. Our third performance of Graham Clarke's Joe Carpenter and Son at St Georges Church. It was so gratifying to have a large and most appreciative audience. We had many very complimentary comments and it was by all accounts much enjoyed.

To everyone who took part: Thanks for your wonderful efforts, and  your  twirls (Mike);  singing (Norman, Lily-May, Emi-Lou, Lydia and Louise and Dominic; battling masterly and shepherdly against your cold Dave; for the merry playing on the organ and piano, and fetching the wife! (Michael); for being a lovely ordinary couple allowing God to work through you (Maddie & Paul!); for all your lookings and puddings - good'ns too -Hayley; for  your masterly play-mastering Michael; to the kingly 3 Kings and kindly 3 shepherds;to the angelic heavenly host (even though perhaps a couple were still flying somewhere around!) with your wheels; to Allan for that fantastic several-trillion watt brighter Star; and I suppose to the old Tinker!  And much else besides - and for your hard work with the costumes and various props - and above all for all your willing cooperation  to work together  as a Team, supporting one another!

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