Friday, 29 November 2013

Cinderella rehearsal (29th November 2013)

StageOne had its first full rehearsal for Cinderella with all major cast in character present. Again the first act and most of the second act was walked through again. More one to one work with Michael continues. The next rehearsal is Friday.

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

StageOne’s Cinderella pantomine by Michael Hale | 24th November 2013

Our initial rehearsals for StageOne’s Cinderella pantomine have gone very well.

We still need help from others. Let others know! Please be in touch with us. We always aim to be all-inclusive, but we need commitment. That's all we ask - and folk's enthusiasm and help. Roger Smith. 01303-259896.

CTF Town Centre Nativity Event on 14th December 2013 | 24th November 2013

StageOne will be continuing Advent and Nativity preparations for their participation in the CTF Town Centre Nativity Event on December 14th 2013. This is preceded by carol singing on forecourt of the Methodist Church Sandgate Road from 10am.

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Sing Workshop and preparation for Town Centre Nativity Event | 24th November 2013

On Tuesday had a workshop looking at dramatizing musical numbers like CATS.This was led by Elise, drawing on her depth of experience in these great stage productions. The chairman was particularly relieved to be reassured not to be deterred by scary musical signature keys - in drama productions the musicians should adapt to the actor's musical range. We intend to advance this type of session in our scheduled programme later next year.

 Also we prepared for our forthcoming participation in Folkestone's town centre's Nativity Event on Saturday December 14th from 10.30am. We are looking forward to depicting dramatically St Joseph, the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of Jesus, and other characters integral to the greatest story ever told do be there if you can - and please feel free to contact us if you would like to take part with us.

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

StageOne’s first read through of major Cinderella scenes (10th November 2013)

On Tuesday StageOne had their first read through major scenes of the Cinderella play that Michael Hale had written specially for StageOne. We are still giggling and laughing at some of the jokes and gags that were cunningly written in that you will not see them coming until they hit you.

We still need hep from others. Let others know! Please be in touch with us. We always aim to be all-inclusive, but we need commitment. That's all we ask - and folk's enthusiasm and help. Roger Smith. 01303-259896.

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StageOne performs acts from "The Imaginary Invalid" by Molière | 5th November 2013

On Tuesday members of StageOne took to acting out selected scenes from Molière’s "The Imaginary Invalid" and had some great fun in the process. It was a really funny play with the central character Argan playing this supposed invalid when in fact there is nothing wrong with him except for effects of the concoctions of medicine by the quack doctor, Mr. Purgon. This is the second or may be third play by Molière that StageOne has read.

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Class acting and Script Writing Workshops | 29th October 2013

Last Tuesday StageOne explored Class acting where different scenarios were explored including a former British army sergeant as a driving instructor teaching an elderly pupil, and two Elizabethan gents trying to move a piano and end up having a duel. This was all a lot of fun even though many scenarios were not intended as comic acts.

The second workshop revisited script writing. Various points were looked including the aim of a script i.e. what it was intending to do such as get laughs, make you think and so on. Other points were length of scripts and not making them too long or drag on with regard to individual sketches. Collecting ideas for scripts was another major point.