Thursday, 27 September 2012

In the psychologist's chair and Freeze Framing | 25th September 2012)

"In the psychologist's chair" session this week (lead by Roger) saw us taking turns of 'relaxing' in the very special 'chair' - but without either sight, hearing or speech - and how we could otherwise react to some amazing, surprising, unbelievable news being given to us by the psychologist! Not easy - especially for those in role play - but hilarious for the audience!

There was a biblocal basis in examples of people being struck dumb (Zechariah), blinded (St Paul) or being deaf to Jesus' message (many!) A fun final session if this part was a scenario in which the Pope unexpectedly comes to Lambeth Palace to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury and offering the hand of friendship and an apology for past splits the Pope had apparently learnt from his contemporary, Notrodarmus in France, that Churches Together in Folkestone would be demanding unity in the 21st century - so he was trying to get in first!!

In the second session (lead by John) we practised "freeze-framing" techniques in which the acted out a sketch with two groups of actors either side of a dividing screen, not therefore being able to see each other - and having to very carefully listen to each other for coded signs when they were finished and ready to freeze and the other group to unfreeze and come back to life. We discussed various types of such codes and signs -short of mental telepathy!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Puss in Boots 2nd Auditions | 16th Sept 2012

StageOne held its second set of auditions for Puss in Boots. StageOne had a good response with a few new faces and lots of talent.

Inside / Outside & Drama Core Skills Workshops | 11th Sept 2012

On Tuesday we couldn't have had a more contrasting two sessions - to begin with, we actually walked around parts of Folkestone to ascertain how the coming of night (i.e. the absence of light) changes hoe we perceive/see things - people, views, familiar places and buildings, and the fall of night, so often depicted as a time of retreat, sleep, uncertainty, can ALSO become a time of awakening, existence albeit of a different kind, nocturnal wildlife - foxes, owls, bats, etc and unfortunately human beings..- we shared our experiences of a night walk and our thoughts -and how these essential human aspects of life might be demonstrated on stage.

In our second session, Sue led us in an improvisation session - practising a scene in which people go to a cafe to be serves - we all took on at the last moment different characters and the chemical interaction was both comical and critical - we both praised and tore each other apart for our impromptu acting - all in good faith and in good spirit!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Puss in Boots 1st Auditions | 9th Sept 2012

StageOne held its first set of auditions for Puss in Boots. StageOne had a good response with a few new faces and lots of talent. The next audition is 16th September. See

Monday, 3 September 2012

Puss in Boots Prodcution | Sept 2nd 2012

This week is the first of our auditions for production of Puss in Boots. So come on down and see what its all about.