Monday, 29 July 2013

Farewell service for Deacon Sue Hibberd | July 28th 2013)

On Sunday StageOne took part in the farewell service at St Andrew's for Deacon Sue Hibberd.
They presented a lively “Telling The World” based on Luke Chapter 10 Verses 1-11 and 16 to 20. It was very well received and some of the jokes like “not very British” and comments on the weather also got laughs. A very enjoyable service for Sue who is off on her next adventure in God’s work.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

StageOne performs acts from Tartuffe by Molière | July 9th 2013

On Tuesday members of StageOne took to acting out selected scenes from Molière’s Tartuffe and had some great fun in the process. Some of the scenes included Act 1 Scene 4 where Orgon returns from his trip out of town and wishes to know how the family has been. He completely ignores all details concerning Elmire and only listens to what Dorine says about Tartuffe. Another scene was Act 2 scene 2 where Dorine makes enormous fun of Orgon, much to his annoyance.