Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Michael Frayn's Noises Off - Play Reading Workshop With Michael Hale

StageOne had a really enjoyable play reading workshop on Tuesday. Michael Hale introduced StageOne to Michael Frayn's Noises Off. StageOne really enjoyed themselves and many times laughed at the actors in the play as they struggled to get to grips with the roles on "Nothing On" and at the constant interuptions by the playwright. StageOne will continue with rest of Act 1 and start Act 2 in our next play reading workshop.
Here is abit more about "Noises Off" play.

The plot for Noises Off is simple - a play upon on the concept of a play within a play, which in this case is a dreadful sex-comedy titled "Nothing On". This is the sort of play in which young girls run about in their underwear, old men drop their trousers, and many doors continually open and shut. "Nothing On" is set in "a delightful 16th-century posset mill" that has been converted to a modern dwelling for which renters are solicited; the fictional playwright is appropriately named Robin Housemonger. Each of the three acts of "Noises Off" contains a performance of the first act of "Nothing On"

Noises Off - Michael Frayn

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