Sunday, 16 September 2012

Inside / Outside & Drama Core Skills Workshops | 11th Sept 2012

On Tuesday we couldn't have had a more contrasting two sessions - to begin with, we actually walked around parts of Folkestone to ascertain how the coming of night (i.e. the absence of light) changes hoe we perceive/see things - people, views, familiar places and buildings, and the fall of night, so often depicted as a time of retreat, sleep, uncertainty, can ALSO become a time of awakening, existence albeit of a different kind, nocturnal wildlife - foxes, owls, bats, etc and unfortunately human beings..- we shared our experiences of a night walk and our thoughts -and how these essential human aspects of life might be demonstrated on stage.

In our second session, Sue led us in an improvisation session - practising a scene in which people go to a cafe to be serves - we all took on at the last moment different characters and the chemical interaction was both comical and critical - we both praised and tore each other apart for our impromptu acting - all in good faith and in good spirit!

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